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Outfit Advice

I'm going to a birthday dinner in a couple weeks, and I need some advice on how to accessorize something. I already have the dress I'm going to wear, I just need to build an outfit around it(shoes, earrings, etc). Apparently, the place I'm going has sort of an "old Hollywood" feel to it, and they encourage people to dress towards that aesthetic.

I was going to post a pic of the dress, but I can't find it on the web (fail), so I will just say that it is a navy/white horizontal striped sleeveless sheath dress, and it hits about a half inch above the knee.

Other dress options include:
-Royal blue and black peplum dress (looks like this, but the peplum itself is also blue):


-Teal and black drop-waist dress

I'm probably going to where the navy/white, but I will have to probably belt it, cause I have lost a little weight since I initially bought it. And I will have to wear stockings because my legs are all scarred from the terrible bout of eczema I'm having right now.


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