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Outfit help needed

Hivemind, I don't know how to girl :(

So, what had happened was I bought myself a pencil skirt. It's not a "work" pencil skirt, it's kind of a stretchy material obviously meant for casual wear. It is grey. What do I wear with it?

Now, I am a bit on the...curvy side. Basically I have a lot of ass. Hence why pencil skirts for work aren't a thing I can do, but they do work for just going out! As the material is both tight and stretchy, once I turn around while wearing one it's like WHOA.


I still don't know what to wear with the damn thing. One friend told me to just wear a plain tank top and tuck it in, but I dislike the way that looks on me as I have a bit of a short torso (and a bit of belly). Are there any other options? And if so, what are they? HELP ME GIRL.

This is what happens when friends convince me to buy things like skirts and dresses. *sigh.

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