At least this better be a phase.

So, my kiddo has always been really good at eating all sorts of things. He still happily eats most vegetables (he likes them cold and still frozen, just like me), hummus, roasted seaweed, tofu - all sorts of things.

But lately, he's just been refusing dinner and just will wait for breakfast to eat oatmeal. This has been going on two weeks. He'll just sit at the table and look at dinner and unless it's mac and cheese or chicken nuggets or fish sticks - he turns his nose up. I'm trying not to get frustrated but it's hard. I am not making two separate meals for the family and I don't want to create any sort of food or eating issues - so I'm not pressing him...but this is getting annoying.

We're not going to eat mac and cheese for dinner every night - how can I get him to even TRY these new foods? They're not even that NEW! He's had dumplings and mashed potatoes and hotdishes before...all of a sudden all things not on his approved list are yuck.