Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Y’all, I am bad at goodbyes. My family isn’t a “touchy” one; we only hug and kiss hello and goodbye or when someone is crying (sometimes not even then). But GT has been one giant hug from the moment I first realized those articles on Jez’s MP with the swirly sign and “reposted from GT” were actually coming from this wonderful place! It took me a little while to understand the ethos and to recognize the power that came with being part of it. Like many others have said, I wasn’t an avid commenter or poster at first, and maybe not even now, but I consumed as much GT as possible, and I am better for it. I am better for being a silent reader of the Salad Bowl, where at least a few of our great members were kind enough to share across blogs and get those of us with tons of privilege to sit down and have a good listen. I don’t know if we will even have to say goodbye, but if we do, please know you’ve all meant so much more to me than just a simple commenting community.

That being said, I can’t believe how many people who are NOT part of the myriad of communities set up by the mainblogs and their sublogs have such strong opinions about Gawker’s shutdown. It makes me so mad to see people’s glee over the potential loss of this space and other safe spaces for people who needed them, and to show no remorse for the writers and other soon-to-be-jobless folks who were innocent casualties of this secret, rich man’s war on Nick Denton. Gawker posted revenge porn. Gawker outed people. These practices were heinous and very few commenters (from what I saw/ and see looking back) were happy about those posts. The relationships the writers at all of the Gawker sites have with their readers is one that IMO forms the bedrock of a good democracy; when we cry foul, they listen. They apologize. They want us to be involved in the process of news consumption in a way I have never seen replicated. I respected Gawker for taking us into account, and felt it said something about us and them, even when the comments were vile and the threads futile. How is it not a well-oiled microcosm of how journalism should work? We have a say in the level of transparency and decency they show us through their stories. None of the blogs have been perfect, but when they were wrong it seems they really took responsibility for it. I hope that whatever our future is, we have that somewhere else. I can’t explain what this site and its other companions probably mean to people without a.) stepping on some toes and b.) Doxxing myself, essentially, but I wish I could convey to people on the outside what it has been like for me, at least, and a lot of others from what I have read, to be here.


I love you, GT. I hope we don’t have to use the subreddit as a substitute, but if we do, I hope to see you all on the other...site ;-) (ew sorry)

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