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Outside the Sandbox: Links Galore!

Y'all sent in lots of lovely things yesterday—comment on this post if you've seen anything lately on the internet that you'd like to pass on! (For a more detailed explanation, see yesterday's post.)


From TroughOfLuxury: Sociological Images, an entry-level sociology blog that looks at current events topics and seems really awesome.

From the benevolent Countess of Lemongrab: an article in the NYT about blacks being arrested for marijuana possession at a much higher rate than whites, a really sad but well-written account of one woman's experience with rape (TRIGGER WARNING!), and a great video that's been making the rounds. Plus, Melissa McEwan over on Shakesville is doing a 3-part series about choosing not to parent: part one, part two, and part three.

From Flame Princess: Previously.TV, for all your television-review needs. (Looks snarky and fabulous!)

And finally, Tabitha's Shoes took the gorgeous hydrangea photo you see at the top!

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