So on Monday I decided to give low-carb/paleo eating another try. I've been really sluggish, bloated, and gross feeling after eating a bunch of processed foods (like, pizza every other night, it hasn't been good) while in school this semester. I did a modified version of Atkins (I ate more fruit and vegetables than was recommended) 2 years ago and lost 30 pounds fairly easily, so I know this method of eating is better for me.

My diet this week has basically consisted of eggs, meat, tons of vegetables, and one piece of fruit a day, plus avocados, nuts, olives, and cheese if I feel snacky. I was really cranky and pissed off for a few days, but today I feel really good. My pants feel more comfortable, I'm sleeping much better, and because I'm eating so much (natural) fat combined with the fiber in the veggies, I always feel satisfied. I got some sugar free chocolate ice cream bars if the sugar cravings just get ridiculously out of hand, but I've only had the desire for one this week.

Woohoo! I'm on my way!