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So remember this?

I did get in to see my therapist. She basically said what you all said: those men are probably not a good fit for me and some people are just better at a distance.

I also booked 8 dates in a row off of Tinder (well, minus one person I’ve been seeing casually for a few months).


8 is too many. Too many dates. And now we’re in the round of second dates, so I’ll have been out with people every single day for two solid weeks come Thursday. I’m pretty tired, but it’s also a lot of fun.

And it definitively proved to me that I am attractive, desirable, interesting, wantable—all the people I had dates with were into me, and most of them have spent the last week telling me how amazing I am. Like literally one date said, “If you had told me that I would be making out on a bench three hours ago, I would’ve said that possibility was about 2%. Then I walked in the bar and saw you.”

It’s nice to have people say they want you. I like it.

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