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Overheard at Panera TW: abortion? [updated]

Waiting for my bosses to show up for our meeting and some people at the next booth are talking.

Dude: “There’s another Planned Parenthood video, supposed to be worse than the first one.”


Dudette: “No way.”

Dude: “The director of Planned Parenthood talking about selling body parts.”


Dudette: “That’s horrific. Some liberals are going to have to denounce that.”

Now they’re talking about Lindsay Graham slamming Donald Trump, who even they can agree, is a douchebag.


Hopefully my bosses are late and these peeps have more to say as I wait, bored.

ETA: OMG, they’re working on a project to determine loan forgiveness and trying to figure out who to in/exclude. The girl wants to include public service, but he argues that people working for 501c3s can make a lot of money, so they shouldn’t be included. He just wants military, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and “some medical personnel” — like they can’t make money? Also, a couple people with ACLU shirts just sat one table over from them.


ETA2: Him: “But what if someone is like, a part time dog catcher and full-time multimillionaire? We don’t want them to qualify.” What? They’re trying to tack it to both job sector and income, which I think is going to be over-complicated and why that doesn’t already happen IRL. Him again: “You can also make bank as a teacher. Like in Connecticut. Depends on how many degrees you have, but with multiple masters degrees? Yeah.”

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