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Triggers lie here.

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Edgar Allen Bro and I were hanging out in my office when we overheard it.

"I didn't like ... rape her or anything. She wasn't awake when we had sex, but if she had said 'no' I would have stopped."

On days like these, a thinking woman wants to run screaming from her office and not stop until she has exited the planet. If she had said 'no', I would have stopped. I am at work and I am an authority figure, so I am not allowed to shout from the doorway, "How the FUCK is she supposed to say 'no' when she's unconscious, you asshole?"

Instead, I poked my head out of the door to see the offending student's face. I know who you are. You will not be receiving recommendation letters. That is all I can do without the name of your victim.

The human conscience is an interesting thing. I'm unclear if society struggles with a universal understanding of what rape actually is, or if it's like plagiarism. Students understand that it's wrong, but they don't understand what it actually entails. People will admit to both rape and plagiarism if you drop the label and describe the activity.

I want to say or write something really intelligent here, but I am literally sitting at my desk weeping for that poor girl. For several of you who have shared your survival stories in the last few days. For myself, who is suffering from a raging case of PMS weepies while remembering my own stories.

Because they are stories. They're more like this kid's, and less like the scary monster man in the bushes, but one cannot spend this much time in a feminist space without saying, "You know, that gross memory isn't just a gross experience. That was someone I trusted failing to respect my own bodily autonomy."

The world can be an icky, icky place. I hope that little troll genuinely does not understand what rape actually means, but I suspect he does not have space in his brain for the concept that yes, he might actually be a rapist.

Which means next weekend? When those circumstances come about again? He will reoffend. A college campus should be a safe space for everyone to grow into themselves and experiment with all aspects of adult life, but this little turd is running around "not-raping" people who aren't awake. He isn't even the only one. He's just the loud one outside my door.

I have a big ol' sad an the regular PMS treatments are not taking care of it. Give me puppy gifs, and maybe that kid's head on a spike.It's gonna be a long one.


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