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Overnight talk: Headlines without stories. GO!

Cheers' Diane Chambers: Bad Feminist or Worst Feminist

Yup. I've had a few running through my head today and have no article or post to back them up. Thought it'd be an interesting coffee/liquor talk.


Trans Sled Dog Stirs Up Controversy

Weather/Catastrophe VERSUS: Whiteout VS Blackout!

Martin Freeman Diagnosed With Foot In Mouth Tourettes. Years of Outbursts Explained.

Kanye Stuns World With Table Top Game Innovation

Explode/Implode/Marry New Conversation Game

Flash Mob Performs Before Becoming Flash Mob

Could be random nonsense stuff you might read in the Onion or hypotheticals you've thought of but haven't had the time to pursue.


Your ideas?

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