With the rise of every new buzzword within the social justice blogosphere comes the inevitable concern of the "overuse" of said buzzword, rendering said buzzword "meaningless." The same pattern holds for memes and gifs.

Today's installment of "But what does that word even mean anymore?" was in regard to the term "slut-shaming."

I and other Groupthinkers have already tackled this topic in the comments section on Beusman's mainpage article today, so I'm not going to get into this in detail.

What I began to wonder while discussing Beusman's article today was this: in all this concern for "overuse" of the term "slut-shame," there seems to be little concern for overuse of "slut-shaming" as a tactic to keep women in their place. The same can be said for discussions of other buzzwords, memes, and gifs that seem to annoy the shit out of people.


To those of you who are concerned about the "overuse" of these buzzwords, memes, and gifs, did it ever occur to you that a buzzword, meme, or gif might be "overused" because the reason for the word happens too often?

Did it ever occur to anyone that, once people have discovered new terminology for an oppressive force (e.g., slut-shaming, mansplaining, whitesplaining), people are excited that they've finally found a concise way to describe something that they encounter all the damn time and thus make use of said new terminology?


Also, is it just me, or does it seem that the people most preoccupied with the "overuse" of a term are people who've been accused of the actions that these terms have been coined to describe?

GT, I really want to hear your thoughts. Also, feel free to use "overused" gifs! I love "overused" gifs!