I have a huge problem. I can't admit when things are too much for me so I end up bottling it all up and having breakdowns alone by myself when it's too much. I've full on sobbed in frustration and stress every day for the last week. I have a boss who doesn't know my job, a workgroup that doesn't pull their weight, and I've always been the go to person to pick up the slack. I know the logical solution is to just tell my boss that her expectations are fucking insane but I just can't. I don't have it in me to admit I can't do something and I'm afraid if I try to talk to anyone I'll start crying like a little girl. I still want to be taken seriously and it doesn't help that I'm 22 weeks pregnant. I've started to type out something to you all four or five times over the last few days and always end up deleting it because I don't even want to admit it to anonymous internet strangers. I'm a total pathetic mess.