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OW! A Single Sunburnt Boob: BC Update

Hey folks. So, I can see the light at the end of the breast cancer treatment tunnel. I am in the middle of my 6 and half weeks of radiation. I should check, but I think in my last update I mentioned that I was deciding what my post chemo step was going to be. I decided against the mastectomy with reconstruction and went with radiation (I started my treatment adventure with a lumpectomy). I wasn't thrilled with the idea of radiation, but I guess keeping my boob/s makes sense. Radiation is definitely easier than chemo (as everyone told me it would be) but I'm somehow more whiny about it. I think I'm just a bit over it all now. Also, slowly sunburning sucks. My nipple has been pretty sensitive from the beginning, but today I'm getting to the point where wearing a bra hurts. Ow! Also, the radiation machine almost hit me today when it was rotating to the other side for my left side boob hit. Not cool!

Also, I've started my ten years of estrogen blocking treatment. I'm now taking a daily pill of tamoxifen. Because I can't help researching every little thing about this I've been freaking myself out with thoughts of the efficacy of tamoxifen for me. I even made my oncologists order a blood test that determines how I metabolize tamoxifen (along with 25% of all drugs out there). This test is very controversial and no longer recommended, but I wanted the information. Turns out that, like much to do with all aspects of my BC, I'm right in the middle. I metabolize it not particularly well, but not horribly either. Ugh! Anyway, my next step is to meet with other oncologists for second opinions about my hormone blocking treatment. The alternative options pretty much all involve almost or total menopause. Fun.

Anyway, thank you GT for allowing me to post my thoughts/venting. It's beyond helpful.


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