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Welcome To The Bitchery
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OW! Acid Reflux.

So, I've been in denial for a while now (over a year) that I have GERD. I get it way too often for it not to be a problem and I typically either try to wait it out or, if it's especially bad, I pop a Tums. Now I've been noticing that I'm mostly getting acid reflux after I eat something carb-y and its especially bad when I eat some that's full carbs like baked goods. And if I lay off the baked goods, it gets better. So, with a little internet self-diagnosising, it looks like this is a thing: something about the carbs (and/or gluten) not breaking down in the stomach properly and fermenting [gross!] and causing havoc. This makes sense to me and I'll probably see a gastroenterologist about it to confirm, but I think this means that I need to severely cut back on carbs. I'm of two minds about this: 1. BOOOO!!! I LOVE CARBS! DEATH BY CAKE! and 2. Okay, I guess I should do what my body is telling me to do and I do need to lose weight for other health reasons, so if I do this safely it should bring me lots of benefits.

Sigh! So, I'm guessing that's what I'm going to have to do... but I really, REALLY love baked goods.


Anyway, I wonder, does anyone else have this problem? Until I did a little of internet poking I've never heard of carbs being a trigger for acid reflux. I just wonder how common it is. And, for those of you with this problem, how are you coping?

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