I am on my beach vacation. Woohoo! Sun, sand, relaxing with a book and a cocktail. What's not to like? The sun, that's what. Specifically the part where my white of-Irish-extraction skin likes to turn bright red.

I thought I was being smart. I bought two new tubes of sunscreen. The same type I had used last year to wondrous results. I slathered it, grabbed my beach chair, my beach towel, and my beach book and headed down to the shore. I even reapplied after I was down there for an hour and a half.

Except, I missed a spot. A very important spot. The tops of my feet. I even thought while applying that I should do another pass over my feet then thought 'nah, I'll be ok.' I am not ok. Behold:

You can clearly see the lovely stripes where my fingers got part of my foot with lotion.

And now I'm sitting here with aloe goop all over my feet, trying not to walk cause flexing my feet is a very bad idea.


Entertain me GT with tales of injury you inflicted on yourselves (sunburn or otherwise) because you were being an idiot and just not thinking things through.