Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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So, I have a little wart on the back of my thumb. I've never had a wart before! I went to the dermatologist, thinking, "la-dee-da, I'll just have them get rid of it."

HOLY FUCK THAT HURT, YOU GUYS. And I have to go back once a month for, like, five months and do it again every time. Not simple! No "la-dee-da!" And JEEZUM ON A CRACKER DOES IT STING. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Oh no, it's a scalpel followed by -200° C liquid nitrogen!


Apparently, I'm going to get some super terrible blister now, too! But I'm not supposed to touch it. Best if I don't even look at it. But it's gonna hurt like the devil.


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