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My BFF is in town visiting (and we’ve been marathoning Who) so I’ll be coming and going with checking responses but.



1. I love Doctor Dad and his daughter Bill and I knew he was going to give her his helmet and they are the sweetest

2. I love the anti-capitalism themes we’ve been getting

3. Speaking of themes, EVERY episode has been huge on the parent/child relationship. My initial theory regarding this started pre-series 10 after Husbands of River Song and Doctor Mysterio cause I felt like the subtext was already emerging but it’s getting more and more overt. While initially I thought it was possible the Doctor and River had a kid stashed away somewhere, when the rumor came out about the first Doctor being in Twelve’s finale, I started assuming it was just leading up to Susan.


Now after the ‘next time’ trailer.... I’m 70/30 Susan vs. Doctor’s kid. HE HAS RIVER’S DIARY. AAAHHHHH. He left that in the Library which means he has been back to get it. He has physically been there. And I couldn’t tell if some of those scenes in the preview were actually in the Library or just A library- and we just watched those episodes yesterday so it’s pretty fresh but, hard to say.


4. I am really just waiting to see how they handle the Doctor being disabled. Because that has the potential to be really interesting and the potential to be a huge disaster. But this series has been really good so far with things they’ve totally bungled before.... so. Fingers crossed.

5. Missy!!!! The only thing I liked about series 8-9. Well, her and Maisie Williams. Yet more psyched.


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