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Packed lunch ideas?

Hey parental units of GT - or really, anyone who regularly packs their lunch! My aunt sent me a recipe on facebook for these eggs things you make in a muffin tin and then you have a bunch and freeze them. She thought it would be a great idea for school lunches since the little bird just turned six and will be off to school this year (after homeschooling kindergarten)(thank you, I know, rub the inexorable passage of time into my face, family). This put me in a minor Adulting Panic/Frenzy because how do I school parent with the lunches and the backpacks and the hey hey. But I sure do love looking up recipes and I feel like that’s an easy component of this whole shebang to get a handle on.

So I’m hitting up all y’all who pack lunches - for yourself, kids, etc - for ideas. Bonus points for things that are EASY and INEXPENSIVE, and most of all, things that might appeal to a kid who is in that “No ingredients mixed together, preferably different elements of meal not touching, will happily eat only pasta and peanut butter crackers for the rest of her days” stage. Or any suggestions of websites to look for the above.


Also - god, the parental guilt is really strong right now - I am super duper lazy and the opposite of a Pinterest Mom, so as much as I would keel over in joy to open my lunch box and see Kermit looking back at me, that is never ever going to happen in my home. Totally going to buy her a cute lunch box to make up for it though.

I think it’s been a while since we had a kid update post, so if you have no lunch suggestions but are rich in cute kid happenings (I’ll accept fur kids, too, though it’s FFF!) please share those as well! Here’s the little bird’s latest joke: “Knock Knock! Who’s there? Kenya! Kenya who? Kenya let me in the door?!”

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