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Welcome To The Bitchery

Packing/Decorating Tips? For those of us on a budget.

I have a few to share :)

  • I got this idea because I have lots of little tank tops I don't really wear, so I used a few to put breakable things in and would kinda wrap the straps around the item and wrap masking tape over it. I plan to put it in a safe, soft space too, don't worry.
  • Another idea I did get from looking up how to pack jewelry, and you know those little foamy and cushiony things that come in little jewelry boxes? I took that and put my earrings in them so they won't get tangled.

This is basically what I did but I used what I had with old little boxes I already had. So instead of throwing those little paper things away, I was able to use them. :)

  • I also saw somewhere to pack books in suitcases which seems to work out fairly well, but I'm concerned about the weight 'cause I guess it turns out I have a shit ton of all kinds of books. I'm trying to get rid of some so I won't be bringing too much stuff with me.
  • I also bought 2 cloth hamper things that were cheap, because i'm not sure when I'm going to get a dresser when I'm up there. And then I bought 2 cute little storage basket things, one I'm gonna use for my bathroom and one I'll use in my room for random accessories.

What kind of packing and decorating tips do you have to share? (It can be storage for when you move to a new place as well. So anything, really).

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