Some of you may remember my Super Bratty Problem of not wanting to go to London and Paris this week, and packing was a huge source of anxiety for me. Here is what I managed to pack in a carry-on (the largest carry-on size, but still!):

One pair of heels
One pair of black trousers
One pair of dark skinny jeans (meh, I doubt I'll wear them)
One camel colored pencil skirt
One wine colored pencil skirt
Four long sleeved t-shirts in neutral colors
Four tank tops in neutral colors
Four light sweaters in neutral colors
Three patterned button down shirts
One nice blouse
One black dress (easily dressed up or down)
One houndstooth blazer
Six scarves
Requisite socks, tights, and underthings
And I still have a little room to bring stuff home after I go shopping!

Make-up, jewelry, and toiletries in my gigantic tote bag purse

And I'm wearing on the plane my stacked heel ankle boots, black pants, a tank top and long sleeved t-shirt, and my Barbour jacket.

My iPad (remember that first world problem I was having? I am the actual worst) is loaded up with Holly Black's Tithe series and a ton of Thor and Young Avengers comics, so I think I am all set!

If only I could bring my baby. My biggest source of anxiety is leaving her. We have highly recommended pet sitters but I don't know them and neither does she, so I worry she will be lonely, and plus I just am always terrified something will happen with her while I'm away. She and I are pretty inseparable. Here is a picture of her perfectness for all to enjoy.