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Paging all GT bakers...

...ThereWasAStarDanced in particular.

I'm celebrating my uncle's birthday with the fam, and for reasons known only to him, my uncle's favorite cake is the mille feuille. So that's what we had and I *HATED* it. The puff pastry was good, and it was decorated with fruit, which was yummy, but the icing between the layers and on top of the cake was awful. Like whipped cream out of the tub or the can.

So I have some questions:

1) That icing was actually supposed to be a custard, right?

2) Mille Feuilles can actually taste good, right? They don't have to suck, right?


3) On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard is it to make a mille feuille at home?

ETA: the mille feuille we had was store bought from a Cuban bakery.

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