The Oxford English Dictionary added “MacGuyvered” to the lexicon yesterday. That’s right, my friend in MacGuyvering, MacGUYVERED!!! Mr. Disconnected, you MacGuyvering Prince, this is cause for celebration!

For you baby lambs, MacGuyver was a TV show 1 million years ago. The titular character, MacGuyver, used to employ creative, impossible fixes to even MORE IMPOSSIBLE circumstances. MacGuyvering.

This has been a funny verb in my vocabulary for a really long time! As in, just last week, 4th of July Man and me were out on a basic issue skiff. Fishing for Fluke. I like to swim & I like to pee, so I had to go overboard. Very hard to get back in to a skiff boat when you’re in a current & can’t touch the bottom of the sea. I said to him, “HEY! Please make me a foothold out of rope & throw it overboard to me.” He did; I climbed back in to the boat. Me & my shit eating grin said to him, “We MacGuyvered the shit out of that rope!”

I also work with other MacGuyvers. Really wonderful problem solving!

So, you lovelies, tell us your best MacGuyver times! xo