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Paige Patterson, Major Patriarchal Baptist Seminary Leader, FIRED

Paige Patterson is one of a handful of Southern Baptist seminary leaders who have been at the helm of the “complementarian” movement taking over several prominent seminaries and threatening to take over the entire denomination over the last 15 or more years. Wayne Grudem is another. Not all the Southern Baptist seminaries went on board with this movement—Baylor didn’t and as far as I know Liberty didn’t. They’ve been having a huge fight over this movement for the past 15 or so years. It kind of goes seminary by seminary and then if your local congregation hires a preacher from one of the seminaries that’s on board with this movement, then your congregation goes patriarchal (I think that’s kind of how it works.) An additional, huge way this patriarchal stuff has spread has been home-schooling materials.

But back to the ringleaders of this movement, also called the “resurgence” and for reasons I have never quite been able to understand, tied up with Calvinism and the neo-calvinistic resurgence...


Sorry so much background. This movement has been building for years and even Patrick Henry College got in a fight about it, I think. (How Calvinist to be)

Anyway, the patriarchal folks call their views on gender “complementarian” as opposed to “egalitarian.” An additional fight they’ve been having is whether there is eternal subordination of the Son to the Father in the Trinity blah blah...some of them believe that if there’s a hierarchy like that in the Trinity then that’s more proof there should be a hierarchy on earth blah blah)

BACK TO THE SUBJECT AT HAND....this Paige Patterson has been one of the major leaders of this neo-patriarchal (same as the old patriarchal) resurgence and he’s just been fired and stripped of retirement benefits ??? !!! I wouldn’t wish that on his wife who has preached women’s subordination alongside him all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe he will have to “let” her get a job now? where was I?

Back in 2003, apparently, a woman seminary student was raped and Paige Patterson told her to shut up and forgive and not report it. Also, someone posted some documents from a 2015 case. And the Southern Baptist women had had enough.

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