So yesterday since i was drinking beer i decided not to take any Aleve while i was drinking. Some of you that read my post the other day about running out of my tramadol (pain medicine) - i have fibromyalgia and chronic pain because of it. Well since i was drunk i didn't feel anything, which was awesome. Suhhh dude and i went to the movies and saw Ride Along when he got off work. Ride Along was seriously so hilarious by the way, go see it. But when we got home from the movies my legs started aching really bad. I tried to go to sleep, because that's the best way to combat pain. I couldn't get comfortable at all, suhhh dude was massaging my legs and scratching my back (best ways to get me to sleep) but the pain was so severe that even with the massaging i was crying because my legs hurt so badly. I fell asleep for 5 minutes (tossed and turned like a crazy person according to dude) and woke up crying for Aleve and ZzzQuil. I took 3 Aleve and chugged a huge gulp of ZzzQuil. Then suhhh dude massaged my legs again, then switched to my back, then my head, because i was freaking the fuck out about the pain. Then i realized that i'm probably also going through withdraw from the tramadol since i've had it every day for the past year. I couldn't get comfortable at all, eventually after screaming, and other various loud noises i somehow fell asleep. But through the whole sleep i could feel myself in pain, even when i was dreaming. I could feel myself tossing and turning around all night.

It was awful, my legs feel better now but my back is hurting. We have to go do laundry at my parent's house today so i'm going to ask my mom for vicodin or literally anything that will help. I really cant do this anymore. Apparently i was asking suhhh dude to kill me or put me in a coma so i wouldn't have to feel pain anymore.