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I’m 29 and.... Mostly healthy. But I have daily pain in the mid back region on my left side. It’s in the erector spinae or somewhere near there. There is a definite knot. Massage relieves the pain very temporarily. It spasms frequently. I was going to physical therapy but was told I had to stop by the pt because it caused a lot of inflammation and pain in my joints. So he said I should go back to my doctor and he sent a note to her but no call from the doc and she has now left the practice. And guys. It hurts so much I’m so uncomfortable. Can I just call the practice and be like help? I need help. I have no idea what caused it or what the pain actually even is.

I’m so sick and tired of it. I’ve had this pain for three years.

Pain sucks. What do you do to relieve pain? And if you have pain I am very sorry.


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