You guys, I can't live like this anymore. My back pain is out of control. I've been having these episodes of super intense pain between my shoulder blades and around the back of my left shoulder since 2012. They last for a few months, go away for a few, come back... Right now, the only ways to make it stop are to lie on my back, work out or stagger extra-strength Motrin and Acetaminophen throughout the day. None of these are solutions! As much as I'd like to, I can't lie around all day or spend all my time at the gym and I don't want to burn a hole through my stomach with constant taking of pain killers.

I got x-rays done and my doctor says nothing's wrong with my spine and it must be muscular. I know it's super hard to pinpoint the cause of back pain, but it's still frustrating. She thinks massage therapy would help, but I'm not insured. It's really bad. I had to leave work early Friday because I was dry-heaving in the bathroom from the pain. Anyways. That's my weekend. Anyone deal with this in the past?