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As some of y’all may know, there were multiple pairs of Ruby Slippers from the movie The Wizard Of Oz.

There are 4 known pairs left.

The most famous are the mismatched pair in the custody of The Smithsonian museum.


The second pair (the Witch’s pair/”click three times” pair) was purchased by actors, directors, & Hollywood folks, and donated to the Academy of Motion Pictures, as the cornerstone of their museum collection:

The third pair is in a private collection somewhere.

And the fourth pair used to be in a tiny museum up on the Iron Range, in the Judy Garland museum—in her hometown of Grand Rapids, MN.


In August 2005, sometime in the middle of the night on the 27th/28th, the Garland Museum pair was stolen, leaving no fingerprints and only a single sequin behind.

The FBI had a BIG announcement today—the Grand Rapids Ruby Slippers have been found, authenticated, and are a perfect opposite-match, to the odd-sized pair in the Smithsonian.


They’re still seeking more info, because it’s still an open & ongoing investigation, but the 4th pair of Ruby Slippers is ok, and back in the public again!🤗


More reports:


Sidenote, Labor Day weekend is an interesting weekend for them to have been found, too, because it’s two years to the weekend—and nearly the date, of of the recovery of Jacob Wetterling.


Jacob was found on Sept 1st 2016. His disappearance had been a mystery in the state for about twice as long (almost 27 years).

(Also: edited for a forgotten word!😉)

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