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I followed this case from the start and watched it on TV when the trial was on, as much as I could. I was in grad school and many of us could not figure out why sue was not charged with statuatory rape. She was mid20s, Billy Flynn was 16. The theory we came up with was the prosecutor did not want to make Flynn a victim, at least as little as possible. That it would play to the defense side.


Now Flynn is being released on parole. This was reported yesterday. He was the one who killed Smart's husband although he had friends with him. Of course this was their downfall, teens talk. Robert Heinlein in his book The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress argued that no cell in a conspiracy should contain more then three people. More then that it becomes common knowledge to all. Sure enough Flynn and his friends proved that argument true.

I am not sure how I feel about Flynn being released. Yes he was 16 and a victim to Pam. But you also have a dead man who trusted and loved his wife, while the two of them were consipiring to murder him.

Where is the line between yes he was a victim of Pam Smart but he also.conspired with her to kill her husband and he did the deed and helped try covering it up. Where is.the line between being a victim and needing to take responsibility if someone is killed by your hands. I do agree parole after twenty five years for him. Yet I ponder should.he have gone to.jail at all? I usually amswer myself with "there is a dead man, a man who trusted his wife".

Any oldster.recall.this case? Pam Smart shoud be in for life. The kids with Flynn jail for years. Billy Flynn is where my pondering begins.

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