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Pam Smart Followup But Still Convinced She is Guilty tw murder, sexual abuse

There is a change.org petition to get her freed. I was curius as to what happened to this case and saw this


If anyone lived in New England in 1990 and 1991 this was a huge case. I was in grad school full time and like others in college was glued to this case. We all believed her guilty. Quite a few were upset she was not charged with statuatory rape. He was 15 she 22.


One argument being used she is the only one left in prison. So? She was an adult, they were teenagers that were manipulated. Teenage brain is not fully developed. Hers was. Lure of sex to a young teenage boy is abusive, manipulative but also enticing. This is what made, to me, Flynn’s testimony so believable.

Another argument is her doing good in prison. She cannot bring back Gregg Smart. Its wonderful she is doing good in prison but he is still dead. She denied him a chance to do good work. She denied him a chance to live. To me this argument is pointless. I can see good works applied to nonhomicide cases and should be used for those cases maybe even for teens who kill since their brains are still developing and one could argue they lacked maturity. She was an adult. Sorry if I sound harsh.


The audiotapes when the female student recorded her was damning. I also believed the testimony of that female student and Flynn when he took the stand.

To me she is nothing more then a hirer of a hitman and instead of money it was sex.


Here is the linked article to the above link to save you time.


For those who remember and followed the case is your conclusions similar to mine? For those young who were either too young to understand or born after you have the advantage of seeing the case with having been emotionally attached as much as those who lived through it. What are your thoughts.

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