I’m not going to bother with a TW since the title is pretty straightforward. I have been waiting ALL DAY to get home from work to talk about this with you all!

So last week there was this story on the news — local woman kills man in self-defense during home invasion.

She says Louis Gumpenberger attacked her at her house, demanded she get “Russ’s money” (more on that below) and then she escaped, ran upstairs, called 911, and then shot him while 911 was still on the phone. He had like $900 on him and a handwritten note saying to kill Hupp and get the money.

Louis’s family called bullshit right away. He was mentally disabled from a traumatic brain injury, didn’t know her, lives like 40 mins away. Also, he usually has an aide with him, and he doesn’t even have a driver’s license. He had no id or cell phone, etc, on his person when he died.

Now, onto Russ’s money. In 2011, Betsy Faria was murdered and her husband convicted of it. Never mind the fact that several days before her death Pamela Hupp had become the new beneficiary of Faria’s life insurance. In 2015, Russ Faria had a retrial, and during the proceedings Hupp claimed she and Betsy were lovers. Russ was acquitted in the retrial. Meanwhile Faria’s daughters have sued Hupp for the life insurance money.


So this is sounding like maybe Russ was trying to get rid of Hupp.

Well, then a woman comes forward saying that Hupp approached her in the past week and offered them $1000 to reenact a murder scene (Faria’s). She told them she was a producer for Dateline, but she thought it wasn’t legit and said NOPE.


Meanwhile the police were investigating Hupp’s story. She told them she had been out thrifting before returning home and being accosted by Gumpenberger.


Her cell phone records do show her driving to his neighborhood before returning home. His neighborhood is 13 miles from her home, so not like she was just stopping for some Taco Bell on the way home, ya know?


So yesterday they arrested Hupp on charges of 1st degree murder (of Gumpenberger). They think she lured him to “help” her “reenact” the murder scene and preyed on his disability to use him as a patsy/victim.

Hupp tried to slit her wrists and stab herself in the neck with a pen while in custody, but she’s in the hospital in stable condition now.


And if all this weren’t enough...

Hupp’s elderly mother conveniently died by falling off a 3rd-storey balcony in 2013. Hupp was the last person to see her alive.