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Pancake Frenzy (TW not waffles)

So this morning Karasudono and I went nuts on our pantry in order to try out lotsa fun breakfast foods. Kara made a list of flavor/ingredients, I whisked up a BUTT-load of batter, blended smaller batches of the batter into other bowls, and Kara griddled like a boss!

Can not stress enough how much fun this was as a team, would have sucked a big one solo, long stressful grind.


Okay, top row from left to right— Milk Tea, Cranberry, Poppyseed w/Lemon Zests , and Apple-cinnamon.

Then the lower Row, left to right — Banana Hazelnut, Matcha, Minty Cocoa, Espresso Hazelnut with Chocolate Bunny Grahams, and Lavender Lemon.

WAAAAAAAAY more than we can eat, even after given 1 each to our BESTEST neighbor for critique (and she's literally the best person either of us have ever lived near). So we cool them, wrap them up and make sammiches of them for breakfast for next few days :)

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