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Pancakes a-Crazy Batch 2!

After all the fun Karasudono and I had on the first batch o' flavored pancakes, we're near on making this a tradition. A tradition of Teamwork, Yeah! So we point and mention on everything flavor or combo we like, that might be pancake-able, add it to the grocery list and BAM, sunday morning we cook em up. I mix up batters and toss in tasty stuffs, and Karasudono gets em griddlin and flippin.

Here they are!


So top left is a return favorite, Banana Hazelnut. Honestly it might be every time, it just works, in future, I'll just omit it to save on borings. Old mashy Nanas, crisp hazelnuts, just all good.

Middle top is Thai Tea, with coconut shavings. Went with reg. unsweetened coconut, and next time I'm thinking of toasting it for crisper, warmer flavor, but it still worked, Steeped the Thai tea hard, but next time even harder:)

Top right is Almond milk, with Almond butter (clearance sale) and it's delightfully subtle but genuine almond flavor, Like that its creamy, but non dairy.

Bottom left is Cranberry Walnut, tried cranberry with Craizens first time, but they weren't the best texture, walnuts definately better. Sadly, this time went with Ocean Spray cran juice... if you want to try at home, Simply Cranberry is the way to go.


Lastly, bottom right is Mango Pancakes, simply used Goya Mango Nectar, in place of water, and it is a good result. Might give it a complimenting second flavor next time.

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