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Pancakes Frenzy Ver. 3.1

So it's hot, humid and sticky... worst pancake weather, but we won't be stopped!

Today we made 5 kinds: (topline) Curry, Pesto, Thai Tea, (bottomline) Potato, and Mac'n'cheese.


Curry was easy and fun, 2 blocks Curry roux, dissolved into warm water, mixed into reg pancake mix. Good result! OMG, fluffy curry!

Pesto is delicious, and we want to take it farther! Basic pancake mixed up ahead, and like half a little pesto jar, planning on pairing with Ricotta. in future, might whip an egg into batter to firm up, pesto oil thins it out.

Did Thai Tea ones in last batch, but wanted to give them another go with even stronger brewed Tea!


Mac'n'Cheese was from popular request. We went with the Kraft powdered cheese box version (perhaps the schmancy ones next time?XD). Made a box, put half of it in Karasudono, and the other half into 2 cups pancake mix, subbed the water with milk. First response is "huh... a Kraft product with subtlety. These are gonna make great sammiches!

My Favorite is the Potato! Took 2 Yellow Potatoes (Idaho bakers know what they did). Diced 'em, blendified, mixed into pancake mix, had to fix a couple times, tossed in some diced onions and pepper. Savory sweet!

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