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Welcome To The Bitchery

I watched Pandemic this week* and I was really taken aback by the team working on the universal flu shot.

Because they’re so focused on how their research model has to work for as few shots as possible for the dose to work.

They mentioned they had promising results with a 7 shot series, but were very dismissive on anyone doing a series of 7 shots.


If you told me (I get an annual flu shot anyways) I could get 7 shots and then never need another flu shot... and you had clinical hours that worked with my work schedule, I’d be like SIGN ME UP.

And then they did research where they had good indications they could do it in 3 shots, and it was still “well no one will do it.”

How many of us are doing the 3 Gardasil shots????

3 shots would be a great starting point for a lot of people. Is 1 flu shot better? Sure, but if the option is start with a 3-shot universal flu shot model and people have the option of the seasonal flu shot still until you get the 3-shot universal shot down to a 1-shot option, and you can still start immunizing people with the universal vaccine.



That annoying antivaxxer Caylan was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Nice how she has her small children so scared of vaccines that the one little boy looked close to tears and asked her to stop talking about it. 



That doctor in the rural hospital who ended up taking a different job. Jerks replaced her with 2 people. They let her burn herself out to the point of not being able to continue and then were like oh hey guess we have to have 2 people do her job.


*I really like how Marriott properties let you log into your Netflix accounts

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