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Pandemic Spirituality

Hi all, I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while, but have had trouble collating my thoughts. Since the pandemic panic hit and we went into shelter-in-place, I started upping my meditation/prayer routine, mostly as a way of coping. I’m fairly agnostic and extremely spirituality indecisive, so while I have phases of doing these things, it doesn’t last and I don’t *feel* it’s done much. Occasionally I actually shut down my inner monologue to chill for a few, and that’s calming, but there’s only a couple of times I’ve ever thought I’ve “felt” God/Goddess/Spirit/Whatever and then I doubt it. In January I started doing trying to do one/both more often, and keep a gratitude journal, but it’s tends to be at best, every few days, and very inconsistent.

But with sheltering in place, and having more flexibility in my day to start structuring my days with them. And they started helping in big ways—for a while my mental health was feeling better than normal. And I was starting to feel like when I pray, there *is* something there that’s it’s connecting to, though I’m still as indecisive how to interpret that and whether it’s part of some external reality or just the tricks of our brains (but even if is a trick—it seems like a pretty beneficial one).


I’ve fallen off slightly this past week, and I definitely feel off and more irritable and I really need to get back to the routine I was on. But I was wondering if anyone else has had these experiences as a result of the pandemic. And it seems like so many of my friends are either atheist, super-Christian, or VERY woo, so I’m not sure who would be able to relate.

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