Vicariously enjoy procrastinating and writing an essay that needs to be done tonight

with Jinx!


2 more Panera days before finals are all done!

Today, am at opposite side, blocked by a wall to keep the cold out. I have a good view of the line. Online ordering is up so I have a hot choco. Mr. Jade is meeting me here after work. He'll watch movies as I work (we get sad to be apart)



  • This Panera has now placed non-ceramic cups near ordering you think many people take without paying?
  • Where else can I get delish scones?
  • The teenagers who work here never look disaffected and are always on task. I used to think Sudbury Farms was the opposite of Shaws, now I know it's Panera. Do they get in trouble for upset (teenage) faces?
  • WHY NO REGULAR MARSHMALLOWS, PANERA?!?!? I don't know what the fuck a choco chip cookie marshmallow is and I don't wanna know!!


Also, I'm rewriting the same fucking essay pretty much:

You are a teacher who has a class of twenty students. A student has one of the disabilities you have chosen and another has the other. Each comes with an aide. Begin with the structure and organization of you classroom and move onto instructional practices and strategies as you describe how you will accommodate their needs while creating a safe learning environment for your entire class. You should use your notes, and research in your response.

Dude! You kinda made me write this for my midterm (which I still haven't gotten back). We get to pick the disorders. I'm doing ADHD and am torn between ODD and Asperger's.


Decide for me as I try to decide whether the cute waiter with dreds is 18+ therefore ogleable!!?

Also, not gonna lie—for a second, I was all like "HOW'D THEY GET A PICTURE OF MY PANERA?!"