Will be here all day today and eavesdropping on people that look interesting.

What's Jinx overhearing now? A group of women in their 60s having a "book club." Every 3 minutes, they stop talking about the book (which seems interesting) and discussing:

  • Their ungrateful kids who all have psychologists.
  • Their uterine problems and how giving birth today is so much different from when they did it. They're arguing the merits of each decade.
  • Friends who moved on to new loves a little too quickly.
  • Divorced women who "come off a little...desperate. It's rough. Your body ages....things are different down there...not everyone wants what they're putting out there."
  • Oh god, there's a hilarious one: "I don't even keep the lights on for me! Much less when someone's there to join me."

If we were at a bar, I'd buy them drinks. I love these ladies.