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Today's a half day and I have a 6 page paper due @7:30. Is cool, I head to Panera to work.

But Panera crushed my dreams of a snack. Online/iPad kiosk ordering is down...and the line literally has 30 people in it. Sad Jinx will sit and wait for the line to die down. As she does this, she ponders:

  • Are lunch breaks really a thing? I've never had more than 20 mins for lunch and only in 1 school have really been like allowed to leave during preps, and that was only to the corner to get Dunks. Cuz there are a lot of people at this Panera.
  • Why aren't more people cleaning up after themselves? Come on, lunch crowd! Bus! Bus!
  • Why is my preferred table always open? Do other people know something about this seat that I don't?

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