So I had a panic attack at the Mall of America today. I live in Minnesota, so going there isn't usually a big deal, but tonight was the new "light show" they're trying out, which took place in the amusement park at the center of the mall.
I should have run the other way when I heard the booming music and saw the teeming mass of people, but damn it, I needed my hot apple cider drink from Caribou. I placed my order, went to the pick up window to wait, and promptly freaked. the fuck. out. I ran for the nearest exit and called my mommy. I tried texting my sister, but she wasn't answering fast enough. How dare she be at work when I need her? Kidding, kidding.
I stood in the vestibule talking to my mom for half an hour, trying to calm down. Her first question and my sister's were the same: WHY ARE YOU AT MOA ON A FRIDAY NIGHT? Well, I needed makeup and a gift, and I thought I'd be alright? I got the makeup and I'm returning it, never got the gift, and I was NOT alright.
Speaking of the makeup, I was excited to try MAC because I've heard it offers great coverage. I immediately felt super awkward the minute I walked in, had to stand around and keep being awkward as nobody noticed me standing there , got my makeup and instantly started doubting my decision, and left feeling crappy about myself. However, this should not have been the trigger. I feel this way pretty much all the time.
The stupid thing is, this is not my first, or even second panic attack at the Mall of America. Why do I keep going there?? Fuck it, I' sticking with Target. Target is good. Target is safe.
Anybody else have panic attacks that are triggered by a specific place, but there's really no reason why? I'd really love to figure this shit out.