From reading comments and some additional info, I'm fairly certain I had a panic attack yesterday.

Most of the advice online on how to cope with them relies on the thought that these panicked thoughts, feelings and beliefs are not real or at least not currently happening.

My problem is that I think my thoughts, feelings and beliefs are true. Or I, at least, feel that they are real. The only change from yesterday is the lack of an assault on my brain (I think it's actually starting to come back right now... I can feel it.

The only option that appears is to live feeling this overwhelming pain every moment. Typing that, I know it isn't true so I mean that it's difficult to tolerate these feelings for a long time, which seems to be the only option.


Husband once said he was surprised how mean my brain/I am to myself. Most of it is kept inside but for certain occasions, I can't help but be overwhelmed. Right now with cancer cat, living a part from Husband, money concerns, and other negative thoughts about myself—- I just can't stand it.

How do you cope with panic attacks or anxiety? Or what's a cool picture of an animal you've seen today? Or what's your favorite kind of cupcake?


P.s picture is unrelated and of a wheat paste put up around Andersonville last night.