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Updated! Panicking--Package Issues

Update: I got to work this morning and the box was right there. The UPS dude just put it in front of the wrong house, that’s all. Just wanted to update and give y’all the happy ending, especially since the dress fits great and is beeeeeyootiful, and also to say that I feel really stupid right now for overreacting so massively. I made sure to let Nordstrom and UPS know it’s all good. Thanks for all your happy thoughts and good advice!

Original post below:

Oh my god I am freaking out. So my building is just horrible for package receipt, because the UPS guy can’t even get in the building so he just puts those stickers on the door every time, and it’s all useless because people work for a living and can’t stay home to get their boxes, and we don’t have a package receipt person, etc. etc.


Well, this time I thought I would get out ahead of the problems by changing my delivery address (through the UPS website after I ordered the thing, so now I am not sure if it went through or not) to the place where I work. Since I am nanny, I work in a private house/condo in a nice neighborhood. I’m there all day, it’s safe and secluded—the perfect place for package delivery!

No package came while I was at work today, but ehhh, I thought it would just come tomorrow. But just a few minutes ago I happened to see that I got an email letting me know my package had been delivered today at 3:48 pm, when I was sitting right there at work and the doorbell most definitely did not ring. The UPS website doesn’t say for sure what address the box was delivered to, just that it was left at the “front door.” I really don’t think there was a box sitting there when I left the house today, but maybe it was there on the porch and I didn’t see it? And there sure as hell was nothing when I got back to my apartment building. So where the hell is my box?! I was pretty sure that when I changed the delivery address, I didn’t authorize leaving the box at the door, and this package required a signature because it is the $300 dress I ordered for that goddamn out-of-country wedding I am going to in under two months. I am going completely out of my mind right now. Is the box on someone’s front porch near where I work? I am pretty sure that if it was given to one of their neighbors I will be able to get it back, there are four addresses all with the same street number but with different letters (example: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D) so maybe it was left at a different letter house?

If I could just be sure it had been delivered to that neighborhood I would feel a lot better, but the UPS website is so vague. Of course, if the dress was left in the foyer of my building (or, God forbid, out of the street—but I really don’t think the UPS guy would do that because he usually leaves the stickers instead and no one could be that stupid) then there’s no telling what happened to it. Someone could have let him in to drop off all the boxes, and from there perhaps someone saw it and took it. I have had packages mysteriously vanish twice, so clearly I don’t share a building with angels. If the box was stolen, am I just fucked? I can’t afford to just eat this loss. This was a major expenditure for me and I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight, I feel so worried and sick about it. I have sent emails to the store where I bought the dress and to UPS, since it’s late and I don’t want to be on the phone now. The other two times the companies refunded me, but I feel kind of bad about that because I think they did their best and after delivery the stuff was stolen. This time I think UPS might have fucked up though, because I was so sure that it said that this box needed to be received by a person, not just left somewhere. But if the dress ends up totally lost do I even have the right to ask for a refund? I really just want the dress sent to me again, and sent to where I actually am this time instead of just dumped somewhere.

And the horrible irony? I did get one package today—disposable toilet cleaner refills from Target, the package shoved into my mailbox. This is because Target sent my package to the postal service, who have access to my building and the mailboxes in it—if only UPS did too! I got my fucking ten dollar toilet cleaners, all tucked away in a locked mailbox where they can’t be stolen. But my stupidly expensive dress? No fucking clue.


Ugh, sorry for the kind of incoherent rant. I am just all over the place with this, freaking out because I can’t comb the neighborhood where I work on foot at one in the morning in the rain. All I can do is sit up and worry. And my bff/roommate is out of town for the week, so I am all alone, arguing with people about breast physics on Kotaku and hating everything. :( I think the email I sent to Nordstrom was maybe kind of hysterical, which I feel bad about.

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