Also highlights products to keep your highlights shiny.

I think the video is pretty cool (although this view is highly influenced by loving the background song, Mad World). Certainly an improvement on the Special K 'fat talk' ad and the Dove 'Real Beauty' ads, in that it at least acknowledges women have qualities other than their appearance and face challenges that aren't directly related to not 'embracing their inner beauty'.

I still give a little bit of side eye to any ad that tries to play into the whole 'this isn't an ad, it's just us telling you to be a strong, proud lady human...but you owe us for the confidence boost so buy our product' trope. But it's better than watching yet another commercial where Jennifer Anniston or Jessica Biel or Sarah Jessica Parker toss their impossibly shiny hair around and tell me that mine, too, can look like that if only I buy X product and stop accidentally dropping bits of food in there. [I make an exception for the Tina Fey commercials, because there is no such thing as too much Tina Fey on TV].


What do you guys think?