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Panties breaking taboos about menstruation

This startup (led by 3 women) has created what they consider to be a revolution in the market of menstruation solutions and underwear; Stain resistent and moisture absorbing panties, that also look nice!

Not only does this look like an amazing product but they are also socially aware, with their startup they aren't only selling a product but helping girls and women in third world countries. Each panty sold will offer washable pair for a girl in a third world country and will get manufactured right in the country there, in doing so offering jobs to women to sow the pads!


Panties that look good, feel nice and wil prevent any unexpected staining when I've forgotten that oh yeah my mensies might start today (or tommorow) ? Yes please!* Even if they are a bit more pricy than I'm used too. Now all I have to do is figure out if they deliver to the EU...

What do you think?

*I'm also a fan of their website shethinx.com, when ordering on the website they offer great product explanations : "1 Cheeky (The worst has passed. 'Til next time, period, I bid you adieu)."

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