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Pantsuit Nation Implosion?

Would love to get some thoughts on what’s going down currently.

For those who haven’t seen/don’t know: Pantsuit Nation is a FB group created during the election cycle that built quite a base and, from my understanding, was supposed to be a safe space and a place for feminists to do good work. Now the creator of the group is going to collect some of the posts, make into a book, and has branded the term Pantsuit Nation. People have concerns that it was all just a money-making scheme.

There’s a much more insidious issue, though, that is finally coming to a head.

I got added to the group after the election, so maybe it was different before...but it definitely morphed into a place where white feminism has run amok IMO.


It seems like 80% of the posts were “white feminist does something to help someone/anything any decent human being should do and would like to share for maximum applause and fanfare please”. Some of them were genuinely nice. Most of them, though, were just self-congratulatory.

POC spoke out about this fuckery and have expressed that they want to be heard countless times. They have been shouted down by the “I don’t see color, you’re the one creating divisions, don’t try to silence me” crowd. And, oh boy, is it quite the crowd.

I wish this could lead to some changed minds and new perspectives regarding how to be a better ally. After seeing the willful ignorance, though, I don’t see this going anywhere productive.

So, that’s what I’ve been seeing and thinking. Those who are in the FB group, or even just seeing some similar things in your general feeds...What are your thoughts on the situation? Have you waded in and been able to successfully get someone to understand they are being silencing assholes? If so, what tactics did you use?

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