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The long hours at work are starting to get to me a little. I've noticed that within the last couple of weeks, I've taken to looking around wherever I go that there are cameras that can see me. I carry pepper spray, but I always have pepper spray. I hold my keys so that they're laced between my fingers. The parking lot is mostly empty when I leave work, and it's almost always dark out.

Sometimes I go to the grocery store, and immediately start thinking that just in case anything happens to me, at least there's time stamped footage of where I am and what I'm doing.


My dog is a comfort to me because he is loud when people walk by. He's obnoxious, but only for a few seconds. But at least I know that if something were to happen to me when I'm home alone, he'd probably make enough noise to attract attention. Did you know that on average dogs will eat everything in the house and wait 3 days before they start nibbling at your fingers and toes, while cats will wait a couple of hours before going straight for your dead face?

I don't know why I'm so paranoid lately. Anyone else ever have those moments?

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