Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

As in, fun activities! What are your favorites?

I love reading tarot, but was always better at the minor arcana than the major one. I’m going to try to brush up on the major arcana before Halloween so I can read people’s cards. On that note, while I have a favorite deck that comes with a great book, anyone have any favorite tarot internet sites? (I got into tarot in middle/high school of course, and I loved how small artistic details helped me remember the meanings and build narratives over the spread. Shoulda known then I’d be an art history major :D)


Ouiji boards are fun, but, I’ve never had as creepy an experience as I want. Anyone else have good stories from those?

Palm readings though can freak me out. My mom got a small, beaten down, yet very very in depth palm reading manual and followed it closely for a party (a church halloween party, ironically enough) and got some scary-accurate readings for a large number of people. I have a small five pointed star, about the size of a finger tip, right where my head line and fate line intersect in the center of my palm. I call it my Wiccan Stigmata (my left hand has a messier one) but unfortunately it does not seem to have enabled extreme psychic powers.

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