Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Pardon the interruption but...

Is anyone else's Kinja freaking out? When I click on threads, comments aren't loading. Or, I can see some comments, but not others (for instance, I know someone replied to me, b/c I got a notification, but then when I go to the thread and expand the posts, the reply isn't shown). My alerts are also bugging out - it keeps showing me alerts, but when I click on the drop-down, no new alerts are shown. I've signed out, cleared cache, restarted browser, and it's still happening. Does Gawker Media hate me?


Also, is there a better place/way to report this?

Edit: Aaaaaaand I can't read any of the replies to this thread b/c of this problem. Brilliant.

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