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Parent woes

I teach Grade 1 and I have a number of difficult students. Most of their parents are supportive, except for one kid's mother. His Dad is trying to be supportive, but the mother is in denial about her kid's issues and is extremely defensive. Her kid swore at another teacher back in Sept. and the mother declared that the teacher was a "damn liar" and came up with a fanciful story about how another kid was fighting with her kid, and that he was swearing at the other kid. She also screamed and yelled at one of the VP's.

The kid has no impulse control. He runs in the hall and the classroom will just get up and leave the room when he feels like it, calls out random noises and words, has trouble staying on task and keeping his hands to himself. He has low tolerance for waiting his turn, and not getting what he wants.

Yesterday he was tearing around in the hall after recess. He would get in line, but then run away when he got bored. I would be trying to help the other kids get ready, and he was tearing around. At point he was standing on the other side of the line of kids from me, and when I told him to go get in line he threw a crayon in my face. So off he went to the office.


I wrote a note in his planner, and today, I got a note back. No word about what her kid was doing: In it, Mom accused me of pushing her kid, and getting the other kids to laugh at him.

When the other kids laugh at him, it is because of his behaviour, and I always tell them to stop. And I never pushed her kid. In the note she threatens to go to the Principal and end my career.

So I took my note to the Vice Principal who has been dealing with the kid. She looked at it, and told me that Dad told her that Mom goes from 0 to 60 in less than 60 seconds. She says she going to set up a meeting with the Principal to deal with this. She sent an Special Needs assistant to help out in the afternoon. Even with the SNA, the class was a handful, but it was manageable. The SNA was shocked by how much I am dealing with on a daily basis.

I need to talk with my shop steward. I couldn't connect with him today, but I am going to email him tonight. I am so tired of this. 11 days until Christmas Break.

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