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Parental Trolling, Relationships Edition

So my mother is mostly pretty awesome. She didn't understand why I felt the need to go so far away to get my doctorate, but she was very supportive while I was in the program (she sent me a quarterly ration of Taytos, which if you're Irish is a true sign of love).

However, when it comes to relationships, she is completely bewildered by the fact that at almost-30, I'm not married. I think she's always envisioned a large circle of grandkids, which I can understand but I'm not in any way, shape, or form ready to contribute too. I'm usually not too upset about it, but on Skype this morning I told her about getting dumped last Monday, and her response was "You never can hold on to them for long, can you?"


Never mind that this relationship lasted over a year and my previous serious relationships have been 2 and 3 years, respectively! WTF, mum?

Extra Bonus Fun:

Now I get to go to work and deal with the fact that the one of the grad students broke the confocal on the microscope last night.

It would seem this week's existential crisis has been moved to Tuesday morning, instead of its regularly scheduled time on Thursday afternoon.

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