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Parents, is fake anger a thing?

That's a terrible title. But, I didn't really know what else to call this.

My sister, father and I pooled our money and bought my mother an iPad for her 45th birthday. She loves her phone, and is constantly borrowing my iPad when I go home. It's not a new one or anything, we got a refurbished one. She really hates when we buy her gifts. I also already lied to her and told her none of us have money, so we didn't buy her anything.

I guess what I'm asking is, if you're kids and husband lied to you about something like this, would you be legit angry? Or excited? And would you accept the gift? All three of us are kind of afraid that she won't allow it. Do all moms do this? Sometimes I wonder if it's normal to tell people to return a gift, it's too expensive. (Yes, she's done this!)


Obviously, I'm bribing you all with a cat gif : )

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